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Stonewall Sporthorses For Sale and At Stud

Offered for sale - Stay Tuned!


Here are some of our past sales

Stonewall Marengo

StonewallMarengoMarengo TMMM Marengo


Black Leopard Stonewall Sporthorse gelding, 16.1 hands.

Marengo is the son of the imported Friesian stallion, Apollo*. His dam is a rugged black leopard Stonewall Sporthorse mare called Stonewall Sugar, a mare we selected for breeding based on her exceptional trot and excellent walk. Sugar’s dam is a half-sister to the celebrated stallion Sugarbush Harley Quinn. Her second dam is daughter of the World Champion Percheron stallion Valley Vista Knight Time.


Stonewall Flaminco



This gorgeous filly came into the world ten days before she was expected, arriving April 9th, 2011. She was born unattended in our pasture at the McCormack Ranch in Rio Vista. The other pregnant mares stood guard, as nature intended, but there was a gelding in the pasture causing upset.

Unfortunately, Flame was severely injured on the day she was born, suffering broken ribs, a collapsed lung and multiple bruises that threatened her survival. She suffered no injuries to her head, spine or legs. Through the diligent efforts of the veterinarians at UC Davis, her condition was stabilized and she was on the road to recovery. Due to her delicate condition, she was removed from her mother, and hand-raised with around-the-clock care from Access Adventure volunteers.

She quickly recovered from her injuries and thrived on the bucket, bonding very strongly with her human caregivers, especially Gabbi Nathan-Funk. Flame entered early training, with other foals her age, progressed to our usual yearling training, then was started in harness and under saddle as a two-year-old in 2013.

In full training, we noticed she would go very slightly “off” in tight circles to the right. Finding no heat or swelling, we assumed a simple foot bruise or incipient abcess and rested her. The problem again became apparent when Flame was returned to training. We tried front shoes, but could never pin-point the source of this slight discomfort to the right. Finally, we assumed she might have a difficult to detect adhesion in her right shoulder, or some slight nagging remnant of unsoundness from her early injuries.

We decided we could not promote her in good faith as a candidate for a high performance career and decided to breed her. Flame is in foal to the Friesian Sporthorse Prevailer LR, due early January, 2015.

We offered Flame for sale last year as a broodmare prospect and were swamped with inquiries about her suitability for “light riding”. My career has been with high performance horses, with very demanding work, and my criteria for soundness is very high. At the time, we felt the best course was to breed Flame and point her toward a broodmare career. She is absolutely sound in the field, healthy and happy in every way, and I expect she could have a long and productive life.

Flame was returned to training after she was pronounced in foal, to test the prognosis for light work, such as trail riding. We have continued to step up her riding work this year and she has remained sound throughout the year. Apparently, she has recovered sufficiently for this work and I feel comfortable recommending her for regular riding.

We would like to keep the foal she is carrying (believed to be a filly) and the right to breed one more foal at our expense when Gabbi finishes her college career in several years. With these concessions, we would deeply discount her price to you, at $5,000. We will keep her at our expense, for all ordinary care (feed, worming, farrier and vaccinations) until her foal is weaned and she is ready to ship to Colorado in May. If you would want to keep her in training for the next few months, we could offer a fair rate to do that, until she goes on maternity leave.